Steven Glassman Rolfing

Steven Glassman
Certified Advanced Rolfer®

70 N. Broadway
Nyack, NY 10960
Phone: 845-353-3160

serving Rockland, Westchester, and Bergen County, New Jersey

A human body is more than a collection of parts—how the parts relate and work together as a whole is fundamental to our health and wellbeing.

Rolfing opens potential and resolves chronic strain and discomfort by bringing the body into better postural alignment.

Injuries and Chronic Pain Symptoms are always part of a larger pattern/puzzle of body connections. Many physical problems can be resolved by the Rolfing approach to whole body balance:

"Steven's work not only relieved the pain in my hip but also opened insight into my own possibility. Rolfing has greatly influenced my teaching."
Pat Miller, retired dancer, Joffrey Ballet; director, Space (Pilates/Gyrotonics instruction) in Bedford Hills, NY